A CLA (Collective Labor Agreement) is a written agreement that contains agreements on working conditions. For example, on wages, allowances, overtime payments, working hours, holidays, etc.

A CLA applies to a large group of people within a certain sector and is concluded by one or more employers, employers' organization and/or employees' organization. As a temporary employee of FlexWorx! you fall under the ABU CLA. This is a CLA containing agreements that apply specifically to temporary workers.

The agreements in a CLA may never be in conflict with the law. For example, the CLA may never contain a lower wage than the legal minimum wage. The ABU CLA for temporary employees is a minimum CLA. This means that we as a temporary employment agency may always offer more than the working conditions in the CLA, but never less than what is prescribed in the CLA.

The agreements in a CLA take precedence over the agreements in an individual employment contract. The conditions in your contract may not be worse than the conditions in the CLA. However, the agreements may be more favorable to you than what is stated in the CLA. So it is really only to your advantage!

In the ABU CLA, you regularly come across the term hirer's remuneration (inlenersbeloning in Dutch). In the hirer's remuneration each client states how they reward permanent employees in a similar function. We apply the user company remuneration for you on these 8 points:

  • Gross pay
  • Extra allowances (for example travel allowance)
  • ATV and ADV days
  • Supplements (for example overtime, payment in shifts or on public holidays)
  • Periodic wage increases
  • Interim wage increases
  • One-time payments
  • Retroactive wage increases

We are audited twice a year, including the correct application of the ABU CLA and hirer's remuneration. We are checked per samples whether we correctly apply both the ABU CLA and the user company remuneration for the selected employees. On the basis of this check, and of course a positive outcome, we receive a new certificate every year proving that we are a full ABU member. You can therefore be confident that we apply the ABU CLA and the hirer's remuneration correctly.
Do you still have questions or doubts? Do not hesitate to contact your coordinator and ask for further or specific explanation.